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About the Center

The Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center is dedicated to providing Chen Style Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes to the Los Angeles area. It was founded by Master Qichen Guo in 2001. Currently, classes are held in and Santa Monica, North Hollywood and Alhambra.In addition to traditional classroom style and private classes, seminars and flexible format courses/programs are offered to schools and businesses wishing to give their staff the health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong training. Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center

Master Qichen Guo is a specialist in traditional Chen Style Taijiquan. He brings together the training methods of four Chen Tai Chi grandmasters, experienced and compiled during his years of study in Henan, China. His teaching provides an emphasis on meditation and health, as well as a focus on combat and self-defense. Both programs to learn Tai Chi for Health or as a Martial Art are offered. And since his teachings come directly from the most renowned Grandmasters of Tai Chi in the world, those who study under him are in a unique position to receive the highest quality authentic and traditional Tai Chi training. This is in contrast to some martial arts schools or alternative health centers which teach Tai Chi in forms or styles that have been watered down, or where the connection to their traditional roots have been lost. Many people say they teach Tai Chi, but are lacking the knowledge of core Tai Chi principles. In order to grasp the full benefits of Tai Chi, whether for health or self-defense, the highest level principles must be learned and fully absorbed. Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center

At the Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center, these traditional and crucial principles are not only given, but taught in a practical way to help practitioners shorten the training time needed to attain results. This modernizes the training, allowing students to obtain the best of the old and new.

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