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What is Chen Style Tai Chi?

Chen Style Tai Chi is the first style of Tai Chi to be created, in or around 1644 in Chen Village (Chenjiagou) located in Wenxian County, Henan Province, China. Legends indicate that other ancient forms of Tai Chi may have existed before then, but the oldest documented tradition is that of the Chen Family. If you choose to learn Tai Chi, there are many styles to choose from, however, all other styles currently in existence: Yang, Wu, Hao, Sun, et al. stem from the Chen style.

The benefits to studying Chen Style Tai Chi over another style are numerous. Since it is the original style, you will be studying the art in the purest, most traditional form available today. There are many forms of Tai Chi currently being taught that are very far from the origins of the art. The forms and postures of Tai Chi created by the Chen masters were designed with specific purposes and reasons in mind, in order to provide the maximum health and martial benefit to its practicioners.

Qichen Guo learning in Chen Village
Qichen Guo Training in Chen Village

There are four contemporary grandmasters of Chen Style Taiji Quan that Master Qichen Guo has personally trained under. In chronological order, he has trained with:

  • Grand Master Chen Xiaowang
  • Grand Master Zhang Maozhen
  • Grand Master Chen Zhenglei
  • Grand Master Zhang Zijun
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