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About Master Qichen Guo

Qichen Guo
Qichen Guo
Master Guo is a twelfth-generation direct-lineage disciple of Chen Taijiquan. He has practiced Taijiquan for more than 23 years, and studied with renowned Chen-style Taijiquan grandmasters, including Chen Xiao-Wang, Chen Zheng-Lei, Zhang Mao-Zhen, and Zhang Zhi-Jun. He has repeatedly won gold medals in national and international Wushu tournaments in China. In America he won two gold medals in Chen Taijiquan "International Wushu-Kungfu Festival and Championships", and "USA Wushu-Kungfu Federation National Championships." He also attended many tournaments as a judge in America.

Interestingly enough, Master Guo comes from Wenxian City in Henan Province, China - the birthplace of Tai Chi. He graduated from Henan Normal University, was senior editor for Henan Youth Daily, and had his own Guangming Taichi Club for ten years. He also held Tai Chi coaching positions for governmental and private martial arts organizations. He has received numerous honors, such as national first-class Wushu practitioner, first-class coach and the rank of fifth-degree in Wushu. In 1988, Mr. Guo was given the title of Taiji Quan Master at the Yong-Nian International Taichichuan Congress. Yes, he's official.

Qichen Guo, Chen Zhenglei and Zhang Zijun
Chen Zhenglei, Zhang Zijun,
& Qichen Guo

In addition to teaching at the Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center, he also has been a professor at the Samra University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles. He has demonstrated and lectured at many schools and universities:

  • Cal State University LA
  • Malee's School of Taichi and Kung-Fu in Manchester, Connecticut
  • Capital District Tai Chi and Kung-Fu Association of New York in Albany, New York
  • Institute of Chinese Martial Arts in San Diego, California.

His teaching method emphasizes the fundamental principles and correct body mechanics for TaijiQuan. He continues to search for scientific and logical explanations for TaijiQuan's principles and for ways to train more efficiently so that practitioners can shorten the time needed to attain a level of competence. His full understanding of the theory of Taijiquan, incorporation of theory and techniques, and methodology of teaching have been well received by students all over the world.

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