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Corporate and Company

Qichen Guo can teach at your company in an easy-to-learn capacity for your employees.Benefits include stress relief and proper posture. Typical timeframes are either one month, a month and a half, or two months. Below is a sample program for a month program, most recently used at Alhambra Hospital:

Internal Energy Fundamentals

Qichen Guo
  • Body Structure, Alignment, Connection, Balance and Position
  • Internal Frame and Skeletal Structure
  • Joint Flexibility
  • Dynamic Connectivity
  • Inner Balance
  • Sensitivity Training


  • Basic 8 Form

The needs of every organization are clearly unique, and every program will be different. The Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center is available for customized programs at your location to suit your organization's specific needs. Please contact us for scheduling and availability so we can make the right program for you.

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