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The Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center offers Tai Chi instruction through programs taught in a traditional class format, as well as seminars and accelerated courses suitable for organizational training.


# Tai Chi since its creation was taught as a martial art for self-defense, the practice of which resulted in numerous health benefits. These health benefits are due to its unique development of internal energy and its focus on balance within the body. Today many people are interested in learning Tai Chi for its health benefits alone, with no interest in its combative origins. We offer a program for such individuals, as well as teaching Tai Chi as a martial art in its original format. If you choose to learn Tai Chi as a martial art, you will still enjoy the many health benefits it has to offer.

Corporate and Company

Qichen Guo has crafted seminars and classes suitable for organizational training, most recently at Alhambra Hospital. He can teach the basics of internal energy fundamentals leading to stress relief and proper posture for your employees.

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