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Tai Chi For Health

Tai Chi is an effective tool for the cultivation of mind-body balance and the development of internal energy. Its contemplative practices yield numerous health benefits in addition to providing a comprehensive stress management system. The strengthening of your internal structure helps you to deflect negative pressure and balance your mind, body and emotions.

The Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center accomplishes these goals through a program consisting of internal energy fundamentals, qi gong and traditional forms. Qichen Guo has developed this comprehsive program in order to effectively teach these seemingly elusive concepts in a down to earth and easy to understand format. Below is our typical Tai Chi for Health program.

Internal Energy Fundamentals

Qichen Guo
  • Body Structure, Alignment, Connection, Balance and Position
  • Internal Frame and Skeletal Structure
  • Joint Flexibility
  • Dynamic Connectivity
  • Inner Balance
  • Sensitivity Training

Qi Gong

  • Qi Gong For Joint Flexibility
  • Qi Gong For Fat Loss
  • Sitting and Standing Meditation
Qichen Guo


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