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Tai Chi as Martial Art

In its original form, Tai Chi is an effective and high level martial art. Its focus on internal energy development and the cultiviation of ting jin (listening energy) allows for the near instinctual delivery of whole body power while simultaneouly providing the ability to avoid your opponent's attacks.

The Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center accomplishes these goals through a program consisting of internal energy fundamentals, push hands and traditional forms. Qichen Guo has developed this comprehsive program in order to effectively teach these seemingly elusive concepts in a down to earth and easy to understand format. Below is our typical Tai Chi for Martial Art program.

If you would like to see a more detailed curriculum of our Martial Arts program, you can download this word file.

Internal Energy Fundamentals

  • Body Structure, Alignment, Connection, Balance and Position
  • Internal Frame and Skeletal Structure
  • Joint Flexibility
  • Dynamic Connectivity
  • Inner Balance
  • Sensitivity Training

First Level

Second Level

  • Forms Correction and Incorporation of Tai Chi Principles
  • Silk Reeling Energy
  • Five Methods of Push Hands
  • Chin Na (joint locking)
  • Takedowns

Third Level

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