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Highest Level of Training

I am 71 Years old and I had trained in Yang Tai Chi for six years. I have trained only a few months with Master Guo and it has completely changed six years of training. I was missing something in my training, and it was the mind. Master Guo's training methods are astounding and I truly beleive he is of a very high level, that of a grandmaster. He has taught me to use my mind to control my jing, my power, and this has opened up a whole new world to me I did not know existed in Tai Chi. He is most definitely the only master teaching at this level, such a high level, at the very least in the Los Angeles area. -Wesley

Know Your Body

I have had some exposure and experience with Tai Chi before, but it was not as thorough as what Master Guo teaches us in the class. Master Guo has a way to describe different martial arts concepts with plain language that I could understand and put it in practice. I have been training with Master Guo for over two years. I like his training method, he was able to help me get into a deeper understanding of how Tai Chi is. After training with himI feel more calm and also I feel I have a stronger body and more co-ordinated movement when doing the Tai Chi forms. Tai Chi is an inner form of martial arts. It is a combination of low impact exercise and mind training exercise. The mind training part especialy helps me to know my different parts of body in a more intimate sense. A lot of time we just move our body voluntarily but not really understand the mechanica of it. With the training I have a more conscious mind on how our body works and from that I have a better appreciation about what martials arts really is. -Howard

Stronger Woman

I have trained with Qichen Guo for over 4 years. He not only teaches the form, but he also teaches the martial art. He has so much to teach: the Form, standing exercise, the martial application, and things that I have yet to learn. I am sure that I am much more flexible as a result of doing Tai Chi. As I get older, I realize that I am stronger than other women my age. I believe that is a result of Tai Chi practice. In addition to the physical exercise, I believe that there is a strong mental component to the practice. I think that it improves memory, and that as you practice, it really improves focus. -Endma

Better Understanding of Tai Chi

For me practicing Chen Tai Chi have given me a number of benefits- a more tranquil body and mind, strength and flexibility, and a greater sense of balance. Before training at the Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi center, I had the opportunity to learn and practice Yang Tai Chi for 8 years. I have to say that Master Guo is very methodical in his teaching of Chen Tai Chi, and has given me better understanding of Tai Chi Theory and applications. I have been training with Master Guo since October of 2007; Chen Tai Chi has helped me to develop a greater sense of well being and health than I had before. Even though I train in the group class and as individuals we have different levels of understanding, Master Guos training has given me a better understanding of Chen Tai Chi and has opened my mind to its hidden benefits. Once understood and practiced correctly, Tai Chi is one of the best forms of QiGong and an extremely effective martial art. -Gabriel

5 Years with Qichen Guo

I have trained with Master Qichen Guo for five years. The deeper you go and the more you train, the better you get. It becomes its own positive feedback loop. My feelings for Master Guo run much deeper than I think he even realizes. His kindness of spirit shines through. He is clearly knowledgeable and endeavors to find a way to make you understand, even when the actual accomplishing of something is challenging. The more you put into it and practice, the better you become. Ultimately, tai chi is about mind training, and Master Guo is good at ensuring that we practice something in the mental realm each week as we slowly approach doing tai chi as it was meant to be performed. -Nick

Found the "Secret"

Master Guo is one of the top Chen Tai Chi Masters in the world. His lineage and training speaks for itself. As a life long practitioner of Chinese Martial Arts I floundered miserably, always striving to find that elusive Shaolin secret to my training which seemed to never come. After quitting my training for almost 15 years out of frustration I decided to try one more time in late 2006. I was referred to Master Guo and started immediately. On my first day Master Guo told me to forget my "hard" training and only concentrate on "soft" style and moving Chi. Well almost 3 years later I can say that I have found the "secret" from Master Guo...train hard every day, think Chen Tai Chi always and ask questions when you are not certain. Master Guo is one of the most knowledgeable Masters, he is patient and his approach to teaching this very elusive yet wonderful art is fulfilling. As he always tells me there is no top to learning this Art as the longer and harder you train, the more powerful and healthier you will be. All I can say is how thankful I am I found Master Guo and that I will only now train and dedicate myself to this powerful, beautiful and healing Art for life. -Patrick

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